CS 61C Honors Section, Fall07

The main course website is here

The honors section CCN is 27382.


You may find the javadoc for the honors lab useful for reference purposes.

Here's a tutorial on how to use XMing so you can work from the machines in Cory 119.


Here's a good Introduction to using GDB under emacs. Here's a tutorial on ddd. Here's a tutorial on using Modelsim without the Gui

Office Hours

Office hours will be held in Cory 119

  • Mondays 11:10am-12:00noon

  • Wednesdays 1:15pm-2:05pm


The topic of the preceeding three lectures appears in parenthesis next to each date for reference; honors discussion topics are in bullets.

28-Aug [ slides] (lecture: C programming)

04-Sep [ slides] (lecture: C programming: pointers, arrays, structs)

06-Sep [lab]

11-Sep [ slides] (lecture: scanf, malloc, memory management)

18-Sep [ slides] (lecture: number representation, mips intro, memory, branches)

20-Sep [lab]

25-Sep [ slides] (lecture: mips: branches, procedures, logic operations)

02-Oct [Adam out of town] (lecture: mips: instruction format, floating point)

09-Oct [ slides] (lecture: floating point, more instruction formats)

11-Oct [lab]

16-Oct [midterm]

23-Oct [ slides] (lecture: combinational logic)

30-Oct [ slides] (lecture: single-cycle CPUs, control path)

01-Nov [lab]

06-Nov [ slides] (lecture: pipelining, intro to caches)

13-Nov (lecture: more caches)

15-Nov [lab]

20-Nov [midterm]

27-Nov [ slides] (lecture: IO: networks, disks)

29-Nov [lab]

04-Dec [ slides]

06-Dec [lab]