Using XMing and Putty

This tutorial explains how to use XMing and Putty to log in to ilinux from the Windows terminals in Cory 119.

Logging in

Log in using your original account password (if you have not changed it). If you forgot this password, you will need to go to 385 Cory and ask for it to be reset.

Installing Putty

Download Putty (an ssh client for windows) from here and put it on the desktop.

Creating Your Temp Space

First, you will need to create space for yourself in /home/tmp, because this can be reliably accessed from Windows. First, use putty to log into and run this command:


This should create a directory called /home/tmp/cs61c-XX where cs61c-XX is your userid.

Mapping Your Unix Home Directory

The next step is to map your temp space to the Z: drive. From any explorer window, pull down the Tools menu and choose “Map Network Drive”

Choose Z: as the drive to map and use \\ping\tmp\cs61c-XX as the path. Make sure “reconnect at login” is selected and click ok.

Installing XMing

Download XMing (an X server for windows) and xming-fonts from here and install them on the Z drive, not in C:\Program Files\.

You should approve the “security alert” and click “ignore” when presented with errors about the registry (there should be 10-20 of them).


First, start up XMing. Then, open putty and choose the “X11” subtree from the left pane. Make sure “Enable X11 forwarding” is checked.

Then, returning to the main pane, choose as the host to connect to.

Now, after logging in, you should be able to start GUI programs such as vsim.